TPC Difference

One point of contact. Worldwide.

At TPC we understand how frustrating it can be to coordinate with various representatives within the same company to ensure that there is continuity in your global products. In working with Tennant Packaging, you can trust that you will have one point of contact worldwide. We want to make working with us as easy as possible– leave the worrying about international coordination to us. Your designated customer manager at TPC will work with as many individuals or groups as necessary within your organization to make certain that your products are implemented globally.

Business. Not as Usual.

We’ve found that other companies in our industry only offered a catalogue of products, unable, or unwilling, to provide the customer with the option to easily collaborate to create a custom designed, specialized product. Many companies unknowingly accept a supplier’s stock product offering because they believe that custom product is out of reach in price and design.

We’re here to show you that stock items are not your only option. TPC will not only meet your needs but we will exceed them; by creating innovative, cost-effective packs to expressly meet your needs, we’ll help you stand out in your industry.

You will not find a catalogue of products at TPC. Every product is custom designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. Let us create packaging solutions that are as unique as your company.

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