Lab Supplies

Cryo Boxes:
Tennant Packaging Corporation provides custom Cryo Boxes for test tube storage in cryogenic conditions. We can create any box height or grid configuration that you require for your storage conditions. Boxes can be printed with your logo or any pertinent information you require. Effortlessly track enclosed tube with alphanumeric printing directly on the box. Further, we can provide custom designed boxes to hold your boxes before use. Contact us to learn about the variety of customization options available.

Safety bags:
Tennant Packaging Corporation stocks independently IATA certified 95kPa safety bags for specimen shipments. All stock bags can come with or without an absorbent pad which can absorb up to 240mL of fluid. Test data can be provided upon request. Contact us for more info.

Gel packs:
TPC’s stock gel pack is unique in many ways—we’ve designed it to meet a variety of customer’s needs. While we do offer standard gel packs, our TPC gel pack provides our customers with an advantage.

The saddlebag style allows you to completely enclose your samples/product to not only provide further physical protection but to protect them from temperature fluctuations during shipment.
Additionally, our TPC gel pack is produced with a unique film, allowing it to be used in both frozen and ambient conditions.

You will not find a catalogue of products at TPC. Every product is custom designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. Let us create packaging solutions that are as unique as your company.

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